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In 1993. member Kevin Marks began transforming the Society's newsletter into a publication called "Live Wires". Presented in a magazine format semi-annually, Live Wires is a gathering of personal recollections of and historical facts about The Milwaukee Electric Railway & Light Company, Chicago North Shore & Milwaukee Railroad, and other transit systems across the country.
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Price for each issue is: Members $5.00; Non-members is $8.50 plus $1.50 shipping. If more then one issue is purchased must contact Charles Damaske at 920-262-1918 for charges.
Other Items Available
Milwaukee Electric Publications Available thru TMER&THS

In 1898, people interested in the Milwaukee area could receive a brochure from TMER&L Co. entitled “Scenic Trolley Rides.” The brochure came in an orange envelope, and told of the wonders of the TMER&L Co. the places one could ride to and the marvelous sites to see.
In addition to the brochure there was a map, neatly folder to fit into the envelope. The map measured 23 ˝” X 30” when unfolded, and was a pictorial representation of the system.
This map has been reproduced and is available. The map was digitally scanned, and the damage due the fold-line areas was retouched so that the map looks like it would have when unfolded for the first time in 1898. The pictorial style, typical of the period, can best be described as an artist’s interpreted bird’s-eye view of Southeastern Wisconsin. With Milwaukee in the foreground, the view stretches off to the horizon, and the area around Oconomowoc and Lake Geneva. Car lines are highlighted, as are the interurban routes (including several planned but not yet built). The predominant colors are earth-tones-brown, green, blue and black- and have been printed to exactly match the original.

- $15.00 Member/ $20.00 Non-member (Shipping $7.00 Media Mail)
1898 Map Companion Book “Scenic Trolley Ride”
The original booklet came with a folded-up copy of the 1898 System Map inside the back cover. Readers could study the sites and attractions shown along the TMER&L Co. system- parks, beaches, churches and other landmarks—then chart a self guided tour using the route information on the back pages. Printed on archival paper, with the same size and image quality as the original, this booklet has been meticulously reproduced.

- $5.00 Member/$7.00 Non-member

Completed in 1953 by George Gloff, this reproduced map is a wonderful example of the art of pen and ink draftsmanship. The map illustrates, in meticulous detail, the “West Side Rapid Transit Line.” from the Public Service Building to West Junction, as well as the lines to Waukesha and Hales Corners. These were the lines that comprised speedrail. Every detail of the right-of-way is shown, with an extensive Key identifying all of the major features along the lines. They include all connecting streetcar and bus lines, city streets, railroads, industries, parks and more--- everything along these lines as it existed in the Speedrail era. Mr. Gloff was an employee at Speedrail, and went on to work for Kalmbach Publishing Co., were he eventually retired as Art Director at Model Railroader. This color map is a unique creation that’s of interest to railfans, historians and map collectors. The map measures 22” x 38” and comes in a mailing tube.

- $25.00 Member/ $30.00 Non-Member(Shipping $7.00 Media Mail)
TM TALES: The Inside Story of TMER&L by Charles Cahill published in 2009.
This soft cover book covers topic’s on the Milwaukee Electric. Employees describe the system at its peak during the 1920’s and 1930’s. It also highlights interurban and streetcar lines operated by Tm. Each chapter is brimming with operational vignettes never previously described and of particular interest to electric railway fans. The background history clarifying and lending continuity to personal memoirs.

- $19.95
Milwaukee Electric Photo Album #1 by Charles H. Damaske published in 2010

This soft cover book contains 1,259 photos of the Milwaukee Electric system. Photo’s include: Work equipment, streetcars starting with the low numbers up through the 900’s, interurbans- just about everyone one that ran on the system, street scenes in Milwaukee and surrounding area, private right-of-ways scenes, rapid transit line construction and operations and more.

- $29.95 (Shipping $5.00 Media Mail)
Milwaukee Electric Photo Album #2 by Charles H. Damaske published in 2011

This soft cover book contains 990 photos of the Milwaukee Electric system and are different then volume one. Photo’s include: Work equipment, streetcar up through the 900’s, interurban, street scenes in Milwaukee and surrounding area, private right-of-ways, rapid transit line construction, accidents, views of bridges from above and below the structure, Public Service building and the construction of the Express Terminal building and more.

- $24.95 (Shipping $5.00 Media Mail)
** If purchasing more then one item must contact: Charles Damaske at 920-262-1918 for shipping charges.
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